Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Music and Global Warming

Everyone knows that Santa lives in Finland! Therefore, it is only fitting that I listen to Jouluradio all day. It is hard to get bored with Christmas music when it is sung in Finnish and Swedish.

It was only last year that my daughter addressed this envelope to Santa. You can see that, while she still believed in Santa, she wasn't quite buying the Finnish location. American kids have the idea of the North Pole drilled into their heads. Too many viewings of Rudolph and the reindeer bullies to quite shake the iconic image of a pole at the top of the world.

As the daughter of a geographer, I have learned to rely on maps. The map shows that it would be impossible for Santa to raise a herd of lichen eating reindeer in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, even if the polar ice cap is in tact. I recently signed an on line petition encouraging the Discovery Channel to air all the episodes of the upcoming series "Frozen Planet". Apparently, the Discovery Channel decided to show the final episode where David Attenborough studies climate change at both poles.

With a liquid North Pole, Santa must be in Finland.

But even if Santa is raising his herd of sleigh pulling reindeer in the sanity of Finland, he is not immune from global warming. It has been a mild winter in Helsinki and in Concord. Not mild enough to raise a tortoise in our house, but mild nonetheless.

Just for a change from Christmas music, you can listen to Stan Rogers sing about the Northwest Passage as you consider global warming.

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  1. Today I grabbed our family IPOD and got set to listen to some Christmas music. Well, our Danish exchange student must have added to our playlist, because I ended up listening to a Danish Disco version of "Rudolf" with Santa sounding like a dirty old man. About 150 of my 186 Holiday songs were in Danish.