Saturday, December 10, 2011

Advent calendars to see and hear

Tomorrow will be the third Sunday in Advent. At the choir party today, we adults marveled at how quickly Christmas was coming. I remember time passing much more slowly as a child. I fell behind on the advent calendar this year. One moment it was Thanksgiving and the next...Advent!

We are recycling our advent calendar from last year, but I found some great advent calendars on the web!

Here is a wonderful on line advent calendar from the this is Finland web site. Each day has a special craft. I like the idea of making caramels from behind door no. 9.

Maybe I will make caramels while listening to the musical advent calendar presented by the Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE. While this introductory video is all in Finnish, it is fun to watch the elf creeping around in the background. For December 6, the advent calendar has this lovely Sibelius piece.

And to drink while making Finnish crafts and listening to Finnish music: Glog of course!

I found recipes for Finnish glögi on line. I loved black current glögi when I had it at Kerttu with Keisha after language class. I am adding black current juice to my shopping list.

It is already 11.12 in Finland so feel free to listen to this!

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