Monday, January 17, 2011

FinnDisco Redux

Chris and I puzzled over today's Selkouutiset story about a Finnish dance instructor. As we parsed the vocabulary we had one question-what dance instructor has 2 million euros. According to the story on YLE, a Finnish dance instructor sued Nordea Bank because of poor returns on an investment. The dance instructor, Ake Blomqvist, was asking for 1 million euroa damages. There is an article, in English, on Hesari here.

I thought that Ake Blomqvist looked strangely familiar. Back in my pre-Finland days I posted a video of a Finnish dance instructor teaching disco. The hip thrust was memorable. With the magic of You Tube I found that I was right! Ake Blomqvist of the law suit and the Finnish disco sensation are one and the same.

Here is another Ake Blomqvist video for your viewing pleasure:

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