Tuesday, October 12, 2010

With you, Not at you!

Sophie and I went to see the musical Spamalot. We had a wonderful time. Sophie has watched enough Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Life of Brian to laugh along at the inside jokes. We were sitting in the Gods with the entire IT department of a local community college. They were also in on the inside jokes. They were laughing before the jokes.

The opening scene of Spamalot concerns confusion between the words "Finland" and "England" and there is a silly Finnish dancing scene that caused Sophie to complain loudly "was nothing like Finland". She was personally offended that Finland was being mocked by the Fish Slapping Dance.

I found some of the funniest humor of Spamalot was in the program. The musical numbers listed in the program included "the show-stopping, foot stomping East Finland Moose ballet-45 magnificent creatures in high-stepping harmony." The program also explained that all of the "action takes place entirely in a sauna". I hope that the East Finland Moose ballet will come to Concord one day.

One show that Sophie doesn't know about is South Park. It is way too naughty for a 10 year old. A friend showed me an episode of South Park where Finland is destroyed by the other nations for being way too honest. Like many other South Park episodes, there is a factual basis for the absurd story line. Finland is currently the 6th least corrupt country. In 2003, Finland was at the top of the list for transparent government.

You can watch the South Park episode "Pinewood Derby" from season 13 here. And below are some You Tube clips for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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