Friday, October 15, 2010

Sataa lunta, sataa vettä

The rain was not falling this morning. It was flying horizontally, driven by a strong and gusty wind. We braved the walk to the bus stop so that Sheba could have her morning walk. She hasn't left the house since. In New Hampshire, autumn is roaring in and will be followed closely by winter.

In Finland, the flakes are already flying. This hardly seems fair since the Helsinki snow pile finally disappeared only one month ago. At one point the snow pile was taller than the roller coaster in Linnanmäki. (If you are a roller coaster enthusiast, you must go to Helsinki. The roller coaster in Linnanmäki, Vuoristorata, is wooden and has a brakeman in the last car.)

The image above is from the Helsingin Sanomat and shows the snow piles height in comparison to famous statues in Helsinki, Paavo Nurmi and Mannerheim.

The pile's demise may have solved some mysteries. Among the refuse found in the pile were 2 motorcycles. Can you imagine looking for your motorcycle after a big storm?

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, the bad weather might dampen the scene at the New Hampshire Championship regatta in Pembroke, New Hampshire. The University of Melbourne crew (and many other boats) will be racing down the Merrimack and I hope the rain will stay away.

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