Thursday, March 8, 2012

Women's Day - In Finland, but not New Hampshire!

Checking in with my Finnish friends on Facebook this morning, I learned it was Naistenpäivä-Women's Day.

Yesterday was NOT Women's Day in New Hampshire!  Above is a picture of House Speaker Bill O'Brien being confronted by women outside the State House.  You can read about the latest attack on women in New Hampshire in the Concord Monitor here.  I like the Monitor picture - a line of women underneath a row of portraits of dead white guys.

The United States is rolling back the clock on health care, not simply women's health care.  The ability to plan for children is healthier for us all.  This editorial from the Concord Monitor explains what is happening to health care in the United States in case you missed the Rush Limbaugh flap.

Stay tuned!

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