Sunday, February 13, 2011

And now for something completely different (and Finnish)

While exciting demonstrations ripple through Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and even Algeria, a masked band of food activists is striking out against a large American corporation - the sacred Golden Arches.

Above is a picture from the Daily Mail of Jani Leinonen, spokesman for the Food Liberation Army. You can listen to an interview with Mr. Leinonen here on NPR. Mr. Leinonen comes across as quite charming with a subversive sense of humor. Can you imagine a member of ELF admitting that they love McDonald's food. Mr. Leinonen even ate at McDonald's the day after the kidnapping.

The police stormed his home and arrested Mr. Leinonen and he admits that he, "sung like a bird" during the police interrogation.

You can watch Mr. Leinonen's demands of McDonald's on the YouTube video below. I wonder what it would take to get some answers to these questions. If you wonder why the translation spells hamburger as hampurger then you should know the Finnish word for hamburger is hampurilainen. I wonder if this art performance piece will land Mr. Leinonen on the United States no fly list. Like Mickey d's, the US has a notoriously thin skin where any performance can be deemed to be "terrorism". Remember the Aqua Team Hunger Force campaign in Boston?

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