Sunday, October 11, 2009

Will I be cold and mute?

Yes, I know everyone in Finland speaks English. They are probably more proficient in English than I. However, I have this Quixotic desire to know enough Finnish to be able to ask to come in out of the cold.
Today, I begin in earnest by meeting my tutor, a local college student named Aki. I don't even know how to begin this journey. I just know I can't do flash cards. Chris is all about the flash cards and has been carrying packs of them around for several years now. I remember a suspicious pack of Finnish words spilling out of his pocket during a security check at the courthouse. The guard stared at the rubber banded pack of words with the letters yy and aa and uu and handed them back.
I hope Aki will have some good ideas and won't think he is wasting his time. His home town is Turku so we can discuss all the HOT spots in Turku. I am not speaking of nightlife here, I mean temperature hot!
Here is another helpful site for those of you who wish to learn Finnish too:


And in case I do find those fabled hot spots!


  1. I know a word that might help--ok so it's Danish not Finnish (is there a difference? not to us AMERICANS). I don't know how to spell it, but phoenetically it's


    and it means foam rubber cushion.


    I think you're all set now....

  2. According to my resident Dane: Skumgummi pude

    He is horrified that you would think there is no difference between the two. He says many of the words are the same, but they don't sound the same - sort of like Boston and New Hampshire.
    He also wants to know what kind of nut would know the danish word for foam rubber cushion.